Salsa Recipes Using Fresh Tomatoes

This is the perfect recipe to tickle your taste buds with fresh garden tastes. Nothing makes better salsa than fresh home grown tomatoes, crunchy just picked jalapeno's, and just ripe baby green bell peppers. If you have some of the ingredients but not all of them make a trip to your local farmers market or the produce section of your local grocery store for the ingredients you still need.

I usually wait to make this salsa until my tomatoes are ripe and ready and usually by that time I have ripe jalapeno's, green bell peppers, and green onions ready to be picked. Once you have all your ingredients together you can proceed with making the most delicious salsa you'll ever taste in your life.

For Your Homemade Salsa You Will Need

1. Three Large Tomatoes With The Top Cut Off And Peeled. Then Chop Your Tomatoes Up Into Very Small Pieces.
2. One Large Jalapeno With The Stem And Seeds Removed And Chopped Very Fine.
3. One Half Cup Fine Diced Green Bell Pepper.
4. One Tablespoon Fine Minced Fresh Garlic.
5. One Fourth Cup Fine Diced Fresh Cilantro.
6. One Half Cup Very Fine Chopped Green Onions Including Tops.
7. Three Tablespoons Lime Juice.
8. One Level Teaspoon Ground Sea Salt.
9. One Level Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper.

Put all of your ingredients into a large plastic container with a lid. Put the lid on the container and shake up your ingredients together very well to make sure all your ingredients get very well mixed together. You will now want to put the plastic container with the homemade salsa in it in the refrigerator for overnight.

You'll find that after it stays in the refrigerator over night that your flavors will have come together and mixed well with each other and you'll have one of the most delicious homemade salsas you'll ever taste in your life.
You should put your homemade salsa in a small bowl in the center of a large tray and add taco chips all around your small bowl of salsa. Have small bowls of guacamole, sour crème, and four cheese Mexican cheese to serve with your homemade salsa. I guarantee you people will love it made and served that way and people will be begging you for more.

I know everyone I've ever made it for have loved it. If you can find them in your area try serving your salsa with the blue cornmeal tortilla chips for a delicious authentic flavor just like they would have in the desert southwest. I hope you get to make this recipe real soon.

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